About Us

Travis Ervin

Travis Ervin, President & CEO

Travis began as a volunteer at Wildflower in 2001 and has grown as part of the Tri-California family, serving as everything from Merchandise Director to mapping specialist to course designer. He has been at the helm of TC Rentals since and has been responsible for developing all of the City and major client relationships. As Vice President of Tri-California, he has worked to turn TC Rentals from a division of Tri-California to its primary purpose. Travis’s bachelor’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo has helped to make TC Rentals a trusted partner for the City and County of San Francisco.

Eliot Davis, Senior Vice President

Eliot began as a driver and delivery manager for the Rentals Division in 2010.  His long experience in event operations and staff coordination make him a valuable asset to the company. For several years, he has been responsible for developing and managing our personnel resources and coordinating the logistics and timing. Eliot’s background in the field offers him unique insights into the best ways to allocate resources. As the General Manager of TC Rentals, Eliot currently oversees staff development and asset allocation. Eliot is responsible for all operations of the company with a special emphasis on staff and asset allocation.

Eliot Davis

Marcus Ortiz, VP of Marketing

Marcus worked in several small businesses before joining TC Rentals.  He repeatedly worked his way up from entry level positions to senior management. He developed an excellent ability to think creatively while working with vendors to meet his bottom line and produce a product tailed to client needs. Marcus graduated from CSU Chico with a BS in business administration with an emphasis in human resource management. He started as an assistant manager of operations and has had a big hand with the success and growth of TC Rentals. His commitment, work ethic, and natural problem-solving skills have made him a key player in the company. Marcus is responsible for sales, project management, human resources and marketing.

Simeon Mauricio, VP of Operations

Simeon has progressed from basic entry level laborer to VP of Operations in just a few short years. The value he places on people in every aspect of life helps him provide top notch customer service and create strong relationships with coworkers and clients alike. In addition to his duties at Tri-California, he also serves as the Guest Services manager at Refuge church of Salinas. Simeon is responsible for managing all aspects of the logistics of the company. This includes equipment, fleet and facilities.

Simeon Mauricio